Spark - The advocacy tools you need to get people talking

More than ever, brand loyalists are vital to your business' ongoing success.  By providing 
positive word-of-mouth marketing and social endorsements, advocates can Spark fan
engagement and generate energetic conversation surrounding your product. Spark,
Horizon Marketing Group’s innovative suite of brand ambassador and advocacy tools,
offers B2B and B2C businesses customizable and turnkey solutions for a variety of
recruitment- and participation-based programs. Whether it is a rewards, loyalty, affinity
or referral focused need, Spark provides the means for building a lucrative network of
participation to grow your business. By utilizing Spark, you will be able to track growth
and engage with potential consumers in a personal way that can't be achieved through
traditional marketing tactics.

Our team of experienced strategists partner with B2B and B2C businesses to establish
a program that is tailored to your needs. For more information regarding Spark
please contact us today!

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